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Outdoor Living on Peterson St.

Peterson St. Project – Outdoor Living Space

Adding outdoor living space should add style, function, and value to your home.  The project we completed on Peterson St. did just that.  Our clients requested a design that would remove the densely planted and poorly drained landscape that existed in their backyard.  Design criteria were to be focused on functional hardscapes that would enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors.  A custom grilling station was required.  Patio space for entertaining and a firepit were must-haves.  Functional seat walls were needed to help grade transitions, and to provide additional seating.   Planting spaces were to have a substantial focus on Wisconsin native grasses and flowers.  Jennifer Baker of Sparrow Land Planning provided design services for the project.  High consideration for runoff water management was a focus.  Whenever possible downspouts were tiled to existing swales along the property border.  Due to lack of pitch some water needed to stay on the site.  The water was directed to and captured by three french drains.

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