Founded in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Creative Landscapes Inc. has served southern Wisconsin's landscape construction needs for 32 years. As a long-standing small green industry business, we've had the honor of helping hundreds of clients with unique custom landscape projects in Jefferson County, Walworth County, Dane County, and many other locations. Our experienced, friendly staff are well trained to install brick paving, retaining walls, and outdoor living area projects. Our goal is to provide our clients with custom landscapes tailored to their needs while providing a meaningful customer service experience.

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We wanted to create a fun and functional outdoor space but were having trouble explaining our vision to several landscape companies. Then Landon Belzer walked into our lives! He knew exactly what we wanted, and we never felt so at ease. Landon, Danny, and crew worked hard and were so professional. If we had any questions or concerns, Landon or Danny were right there to help guide us. Landon continues to check in and make sure we are still satisfied.
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Kim and Barry Cash

Our Services


A brick flatwork project is an elegant and durable option for finishing a walkway, patio, or driveway. Modern materials and manufacturing, coupled with a highly skilled contractor, allow for low maintenance, visually stunning projects. We are a Unilock Authorized Contractor and install all of our brick paver projects to ICPI standards.




Segmental retaining walls can be the perfect option for solving challenging grade transitions around residential and commercial properties. Constructing concrete block walls as a system incorporating proper footing compaction and leveling, soil compaction, and water mitigation is key to a stable structure. Creative Landscapes Inc. has the experience to make your wall project a success.



Adding a water feature to your landscape is a great way to bring nature close and help relax the senses.  We can provide options for pondless waterfalls, traditional koi ponds, and other decorative water features.  We specialize in using products from Aquascape Inc. and other leading manufacturers.



We have vast experience with residential and commercial fine grading.  Whether it’s prepping lawn and bed spaces for a newly constructed home, remodeling a tired landscape, or preparing ground for a prairie, we can help.


Wisconsin Pavilions is a business we created as a companion to Creative Landscapes Inc.  It brings together our landscape experience and rustic home building experience in one place.  Visit www.wisconsinpavilions.com for a closer look at how this fusion works!


Interested in a new deck space?  Our in house carpentry crew can provide options for your new outdoor space.  We are a licensed general contractor, with the people and tools to be able to construct a deck space in a myriad of styles.


     Creative Landscapes Inc. is a full-service landscape company.  Other services we offer include sod installation, bed edging, spring, and fall cleanup with pruning and leaf removal.  We also provide spring pond cleaning services.  We are skilled with the installation of PVC downspout plumbing.  We have access to many lines of high-quality landscape lighting and the experience to install 12v systems.   We sell bulk hardwood mulch and offer delivery within 20 miles of Cambridge WI.  At this time we do not provide lawn mowing, herbicide application or liquid fertilizer applications.


A bearded iris is beautiful additon to any landscape.