Blue Mountain Hosta


It's likely you have a lot of questions about the landscape project you are thinking of, here is a list of the most common questions we get asked.

How much will this cost?

This is probably the most common question at the end of our initial estimate appointment.  All landscape projects are custom.  There are many facets that affect how pricing will shake out.  Our general practice is not to discuss price until after the information gathered during the initial site visit has been processed.  If you have a budget in mind, its very helpful to discuss this with your estimator, we will make every attempt to work with your numbers.

Can I supply my own materials?

Yes.  Customers can supply materials for projects pending review of your estimator.  Customer supplied materials do not fall under any warranty stated by Creative Landscapes Inc., customers will be required to sign a disclaimer stating this.  Site delivery, and subsequent return of materials is strictly the homeowners responsibility unless arrangements have been made with Creative Landscapes Inc.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable project manager and field reps are available to answer your questions.

Do we have to call diggers hotline?

Before starting and landscape work that will require excavation or disturbing soil, Creative Landscpes Inc. will file a Pro Portal locate at Diggers hotline.

When can you do this project?

This is one of the most commonly asked, and at times, can be the most difficult question we get asked.  Landscape construction schedules are strongly affected by weather patterns.  Wisconsin is known for its crazy seasonal weather patterns.  Unfortunately these patterns can play havoc with production.  By far the biggest struggle is rain.  When grades become unstable due to moisture, it can make navigating a site and obtaining materials almost impossible.  We manage the work schedule with the help of Microsoft Project.  This software allows us to place time frames on projects, which allows us a long view of how far out our schedule is booked.  Also, we can import days that are lost to weather.  This allows us to see how weather and other delays affect our timeline.  Typically when finalizing the construction estimate, we are able to provide a rough installation date, and a timeline for the project.

Where do you buy your plants?

We source our nursery stock from many local growers in southern Wisconsin.  We do not purchase nursery stock from big box stores unless specifically requested by a customer.  In this event, Creative Landscapes Inc. does not warranty the items.